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Doing Your Landscaping? Add Some Landscape Lighting

If you are in the process of changing your landscaping, there are many things you can do. One of these things is to add landscape lighting. This will brighten things up so people can easily see your beautiful landscaping as they drive or walk past your home. Keep reading to learn of different types of landscape lighting you can choose from.

Install Flood Lights

If you have a large area that you want to brighten, flood lights are the perfect option for you. These lights are very bright, and they cover a wide range. It is common to install flood lights to light up a patio or a driveway. 

If you choose flood lights you can find ones that automatically turn on when someone steps near the light, also known as security lights. These will not only work great as landscape lighting but help you with security. For example, if you install a flood light near an entry door people will be able to see at night when entering and exiting the home. 

Install a Spotlight

A spotlight brightens up one area and points in one direction. This type of light works great near a patio, to showcase a flower garden, and anything else you want illuminated. When choosing a spotlight, you have the option of different brightness levels. They also cover different ranges, meaning one type will only cover a small area while another will cover a wider area. 

You can choose spotlights that shine down or spotlights that shine upward, also known as uplights. Uplights are used to brighten a water fountain, statue, or you can purchase lights that creates a pattern on the side of your home or a wall. You could install several smaller spotlights that shine upward between hedges in your front yard. 

Install Garden Lighting

If you have a flower garden or an area of your yard filled with flowers, flower containers, etc. garden lighting would work well for you. There are different types of garden lighting you can choose. One type is garden bollard lighting, which can cast light in different areas. For example, some bollards will only light up a small area and others a wider area. 

There is spike garden lighting which is simply stuck into the ground. You can find solar powered spike lights that get power from the sun. This would be a great choice if the area you live in gets a lot of sun during the day. There are also spike landscape lighting that runs on batteries. 

Hire a landscape contractor to install the landscape lighting for you. They can also tell you of many other types available. For more information about landscape lighting installation, contact a landscaping company in your area.