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5 Benefits Of Composite Decking

When it comes to decking, your options are wood or composite. Composite is a material made from wood fibers combined with plastic. It is turned into a durable decking board that looks nearly identical to real wood, but it has quite a few benefits that make it a superior decking choice. 

1. No Maintenance

Traditional wood decking is very labor-intensive. It must be pressure washed periodically and repainted or sealed every couple of years. Boards warp and need to be replaced, and deck screws can loosen and cause issues over time. Composite decking requires no maintenance once installed, although you may want to rinse it off with a hose occasionally to keep it looking clean.

2. Weathering Resistant 

Weathering is the main cause of damage on outdoor decks. Rain and UV exposure causes fading and cracking on wood decking. Composite decking sheds rain harmlessly since it is completely impervious to water. UV light also causes little to no damage. Composite materials even withstand sun fading, so the color of your decking remains true even as the decking ages. 

3. Ecologically Friendly

The wood fibers used in composite decking are typically recycled from normal lumber milling, and many deck board companies also use recycled post-consumer plastics for the synthetic part of the boards. Not only is this keeping waste out of the landfills, it also reduces the amount of trees that must be cut down compared to traditional wood decking. Many composite manufacturers also implement other green technologies in their manufacturing process to further cut down on greenhouse emissions and manufacturing water usage.

4. Long Lifespan

Wood decks must be replaced every couple of decades. Even with good maintenance, the boards will eventually begin to break down or become too warped for use. Composite decking can serve year after year and decade after decade with minimal changes in appearance or deck quality. For many, a composite deck is the last deck they ever need to install. 

5. No Pest Problems

Termites and wood-eating pests are a major concern in many areas. A wood deck that is attached to the home could become an attractant for termites and pests. As they eat into the deck, they may also gain access to the walls of your home. Fortunately, composite decking provides no temptation to pests, wood-eating or otherwise, so your home should be safe from infestation. 

Contact a composite decking installer for more information about this material option.